We believes in the philosophy that “Teacher is the Backbone of the Institution and Students are the Brand Ambassadors!


Our vision is to ensure that the academic journeys of students are structured and built on powerful foundations, by placing constant emphasis on the fundamentals of the learning experience. This is what makes us one of the premier institutes in the region known for equipping students to tackle Board and Competitive exams in the best way possible.


To provide a learning environment that is meticulously and intricately structured to enable today’s students to become tomorrow’s young, confident and socially responsible leaders by nurturing their ability to exercise original thinking.

Why Us ?

 >Multiple Corporate branches located strategically across the city of Bengaluru

 >Multiple Corporate branches located strategically across South India

>Dedicated and highly qualified & Well Experienced faculty members

>Teaching methods structured around micro-scheduling

>Regular doubt-clearing sessions

>High quality study material specially designed to focus on conceptual knowledge

>Regular topic-wise examinations coupled with in-depth paper discussions

>Amalgamation of Real Life Examples with Subjects

>Extensive testing pattern with perfect Revision Classes

>Regular motivational counseling sessions

>Periodic parent-student counseling sessions

>Competitive and student-friendly environment

>Regular analysis of student’s academic performances

>Tech-savvy infrastructure and facilities, including CCTV surveillance

Teaching Methodology

At EXCEL ACADAMICS, we understand that the way in which we teach students ultimately determines the way they will fare in any exam. Hence, we have adopted a result-oriented teaching strategy that is designed to prepare students for both board as well as competitive as well as in one go! There are three main aspects that define this methodology.


This particular process involves the following steps:


Laying a conceptual and fundamental foundation.


Extensive Testing Pattern.


Monitoring the performance of the students through weekly tests.


Using counseling sessions, after-class doubt solving sessions and video lectures for doubt clarification.


Involving parents in learning process by urging them to keep track of their child’s goals, obstacles and achievements.


Providing students with motivational videos / Classes for encouragement.


Some of the main ways in which EXCEL ACADAMICS utilizes technology to better its inherent teaching methodologies include. Software based learning solutions for increased customizability in learning. Classrooms equipped with audio-visual aids that focus on simulation-centered delivery of content along with the regular teaching procedures. An in-classroom app that helps in the management of structured lessons, homework, notes, mock tests, and revision videos. our New app for previous-years questions, detailed solutions, practice questions, attendance updates as well as feedback reports on academic performance.


Transforming every student into a socially responsible and conscious human being.

Using inspirational videos, discussion and parent-student sessions for life-skill development.

Utilizing counseling and motivation sessions to ensure increased participation and enthusiasm.

10.01″ TABLET FOR ONLINE EXAM PRACTISE: When it comes to Technology wea re first to adapt them and provide it to our students. for Practice and Exam Online adaption we are providing 10.01 inches Tablet. Tablet is restricted for only exam use nor further options and applciations will work. Due to this student can only use this tablet for exam practise only


At EXCEL ACADAMICS, we believe that any student that has the ability or the passion to excel in academics should be able to do so without any hurdles. By Providing scholarship opportunities, we aim to help students who are determined to do well in terms of their education and career, but face financial obstacles on their journey.

Through Special scholarships, we aim to provide support to students with special conditions falling under the following categories:

Students whose parent(s) are teachers

Students with a single parent

Students who are from farming background

Students who are orphans

Sibling/s of a student studying at EXCEL ACADAMICS

Students who have been specifically recommended by the Management